RADIAS Health is committed to training Mental Health Professionals in evidence based practices surrounding mental illness and substance use disorders as well as other topics which teach our employees to effectively work with clients in the community. Topics for training include Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Therapy, Interactive Effects of Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders, and many other topics.


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November 6, 2023
November 7, 2023
November 8, 2023(2 events)

9:00 am: Person-Centered Thinking, Planning and Client Rights: Whose Goal is it, Anyway?

November 8, 2023

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Trainer: Brooke Schultz, LICSW Associate Director of Clinical Services

Length: 3.0 training hours

The concept of Person-Centered Care is integral to how RADIAS approaches work we do with people we serve. This training provides a broad overview of the Person-Centered Approach in supporting persons served.


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the context of person-centered care in Minnesota's systems
  • Be aware of examples of person-centered language (as well as language to avoid)
  • Practice using several tools to provide a person-centered approach

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1:00 pm: Applied DBT Skills

November 8, 2023


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Trainer: Laura Lynett, LPCC, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician

Length: 3.5 training hours

This course will highlight several of the skills taught in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. We will follow a fictional client throughout the training and participant will discuss ways this client can utilize the skills discussed. It is recommended that participants take the "Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT" training or have a basic understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT prior to taking this training.


Participants will be able to name the skills training modules used in DBT

Participants will have a basic understanding of the types of skills taught in DBT

Participants will be able to provide basic coaching around skill use

Participants will be able to practice skill use and coaching during the training


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Virtual Location
November 9, 2023(1 event)

8:30 am: Crisis Intervention and De-escalation: Being Effective while Keeping Yourself Safe

November 9, 2023


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Trainers: ; Jessica Metkowski-Gulden, LPCC, ACT Manager, Kelsey Gries, F-ACT Practitioner

Length: 4 hours


This training will provide an overview of crisis prevention, intervention, and de-escalation strategies through early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing and managing individuals experiencing a crisis. The course will include discussion of: the crisis development model, staff's attitudes and approaches, non-verbal communication, verbal intervention, precipitating factors of a crisis, importance of developing rapport and knowing clients' history, environmental assessment, rational detachment, and follow up after a crisis. Staff will also learn personal safety techniques in the event a strike or grab occurs during a crisis situation. A post-test will be given to all participants at the end of this training.


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Virtual Location
November 10, 2023
November 11, 2023
November 12, 2023