Agency Leadership Transition News

Terry M. Schneider passed away on the evening of December 27, 2023. He was our CEO, President, Clinical Director, Co-Founder, and Mentor. He and Tom Paul founded this agency over 30 years ago. They leave a tremendous legacy of improving the lives of people with serious mental illness. 

Terry was a pioneer in the world of community mental health in Minnesota.  Programs he developed were among the first to support those in need with a combination of services to support treatment and rehabilitation from serious mental health disorders.  He was known to seek out opportunities to enrich the lives of those with the most significant barriers that occurred from the combination of mental illness, substance use disorders, and extreme poverty.  Terry was admired for the ferocity he brought to developing sustainable services to those most in need.  

Terry was also known to advocate for fair and equitable compensation for any and all services rendered on behalf of the agency. 

We will miss Terry beyond words – and, knowing Terry, the fewer words…the better.  Terry was a person known for brevity and economical use of language.

Tom Paul reminded us to carry on.  If given the opportunity, Terry would have done the same – with emphasis on carrying out the agency mission related to supporting people we serve.

The RADIAS Health Board of Directors has appointed Brooke Schultz as an Interim Executive Director.  A search for a permanent Chief Executive Officer is underway.