Volunteer serving food at community kitchen

Homeless Services

Through our homeless services programs, we conduct the necessary outreach and case management for people who are experiencing serious behavioral illnesses and/or substance abuse. In addition, we provide rental assistance and support services to those transitioning out of homelessness.

Our services are provided by behavioral health professionals and practitioners who are trained and experienced in engaging individuals in difficult situations to help those with a mental illness to appropriate services and resources. Our staff members are highly visible in the community, visiting homeless shelters, drop-in centers, camps or the street — and understand the needs of this population.

Our ACCESS team conducts PATH-funded outreach services in Ramsey County, intended to locate and support individuals experiencing homelessness. Since 2004, RADIAS Health has maintained a collaborative relationship with Catholic Charities.  We have four full-time equivalent Mental Health Practitioner positions that are co-located at Higher Ground Housing in St Paul.  These staff members provide services and support to formerly homeless individuals in a permanent supportive housing program funded by HUD and GRH.  Agency staff involved in this project have resulted in stable housing for more than 150 individuals both at Higher Ground and in rental units funded by GRH in the community.